Dear colleagues,

We invite you to attend the VI International Conference "Safety in Anesthesiology" that will be held in Moscow at Congress Centre of Holiday Inn Sokolniki on October 4-6.

Anesthesiology is one the fastest developing medical specialities. Every year we get even more efficient drugs and more advanced innovative equipment. Nevertheless assurance of patients' safety is still relevant today. The need to master new treatment methods and equipment requires continuous doctors' training. That is why we follow a good tradition and hold this meeting so that experts exchange progressive experience and best practices in the field.

During the conference experts from Russian regions and foreign countries, practitioners and young professionals will discuss current trends in regional anesthesia, relevant respiratory technologies, imaging techniques, as well as anesthesia in emergency situations. Our special areas of focus will be: anesthesia in treatment of heart diseases, anesthesia in obstetrics and neonatology.

The format of our work will remain the same. In addition to plenary and sectional sessions our program includes lectures of the Committee of European Education in Anesthesiology (CEEA), workshops and satellite symposia.
Russian and international manufacturers of equipment and pharmaceuticals will present their latest developments.

We are confident that the conference will promote solutions to critical safety issues in anesthesiology, improve quality of medical work and strengthen professional cooperation.

See you at the VI International conference "Safety in Anesthesiology"!

Best regards,
Organizational Committee